Thursday, May 10, 2012

Field Trippin'

As the end of the school year approaches, Peabody is in a mad rush to get all their field trips in (the trip to Tudor Place a few weeks ago, this trip to the National Arboretum, next week's trip to the National Aquarium, the following week's trip to the Postal Museum...) and we're in a frenzy to fulfil our suggested parental volunteer commitments. Hence Allen and my sudden interest in chaperoning a bunch of kindergartners as they visit historical and educational points of interest in the greater Washington area, while they discuss nijas, decide who gets to hold whose hand, trade "Why did the..." jokes, compare and contrast lunches and various classmates progress in consuming them, and at least in this instance, figure out how may steps aways from dirt are some of their favorite foods.

After a series of rain-filled days, it was a surprisingly sunny (albeit windy) day at the Arboretum as I joined Ms. Doresey's class to taste spearamint and strawberries, go on a nature walk through Fern Valley where we stopped, spied with our painter's eyes, and drew all sorts of things before moving on to count frogs and eat lunch.

It was a pretty awesome way to spend a Thursday morning.

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