Monday, May 14, 2012

The Big Day


Mother's day is always a big day, but this year called for some extra celebration of mothers in our family since it was also Elaine's birthday and my Mom's birthday.  That's a lot of reasons to celebrate, and a lot to live up to.  Last time Mother's Day fell on the 13th was a complete disaster, Owen was sick the day before, I caught whatever he had and ended up in the hospital on the big day, Elaine fell victim to the sickness trying to care for me and Owen, and then to top it all off Mom Mom caught our bug watching Owen while Elaine and I were recuperating.

Thankfully the big day went much more smoothly this year.  Grandpa Don and I waited a bit too long to get brunch reservations, but that just gave us the opportunity to make our own delicious meal.  I spent the weekend baking homemade brioche, poached eggs, and coffee cake from the Voltaggio brother's cookbook; Don brought fruit salad, mimosas and birthday cake; and we all had a lovely celebration of two beautiful and amazing mothers.

(click here for the pictures)

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