Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One Year for Every Acre

Happy 40th Mommy
We had big plans for Elaine's big 4-0, but life ended up getting in the way.  Russian River Valley, bicycles, B&B's, wine tours, it was a lovely plan, but when the time rolled around to start booking everything, we were in the midst of house hunting and felt there was too much uncertainty to commit to a big vacation in May.  Nonetheless, we managed to celebrate in style.  With Mom Mom vacationing in Italy and Grandpa Fawcett in Iowa to help out with planting season, we had Grandma and Grandpa Z fly in to babysit so we could have a night out on the town.  We had an amazing dinner at Komi on Saturday night, 16 delicious courses (the duck liver mouse on sourdough amazingly enough was Elaine's favorite).  Elaine's actual birthday fell on Monday, which happened to be the one day we could have Molly over for dinner while Mike & Ginny were in town, and Elaine somehow ended up making what seems more like a birthday dinner for me, crabcakes with a strawberry rhubarb pie from Grandma Z.  It was a lovely evening of course, and with any luck we'll have a blog post about a bicycle tour through the wine country before too long.

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