Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Grandma & Grandpa Z

Untitled Grandpa Fawcett left for Iowa a couple of weeks ago to help with planting season, shortly afterwhich Mom Mom & Grandpa Don headed off to Italy to celebrate Mom Mom's birthday, leaving us a few grandparents short in the metro area. Fortunately, Grandpa & Grandma Z had planned to come out for my 40th birthday and were able to represent.

We started off big. Aunt Kara's parents, John & Ginny Bigelow, were also in town so we had a lovely, "welcome to our new house" dinner on Thursday night. Friday a furloughed Allen took Grandma & Grandpa Z out to the Arboretum for the day and then we all headed out to National's Park to see the Nat's beat the Cubs (sorry Uncle Steve). Saturday Owen's t-ball game was cancelled due to inclement weather, but we still managed to make Nora's dance class, tour the Capitol with Cousin Molly, and Allen & I got in a lovely dinner at Komi while Grandma & Grandpa Z babysat. Mother's Day involved church, brunch, and a scenic walk of our new neighborhood. Monday Grandma and Nora made rhubarb pie in anticipation of my 40th birthday dinner. Tuesday we just kind of hung out.

It was a lovely visit and the kids really enjoyed the extra attention (as well as getting to stay home from daycare/aftercare). Allen and I enjoyed the extra rest time, which apparently becomes more and more important once you turn 40...

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