Monday, May 20, 2013


Untitled Sunday was the 34th Capitol Hill Classic and our second year participating. It was a family affair: I put up posters at local businesses, Allen helped orgazine t-shirts on Friday, Owen raised $100 in pledges (thanks Mom Mom, Grandma & Grandpa Z and Aunty Ellen), I helped set up the race area in the early hours of Sunday morning, and despite the rain and gloom later that morning, Owen and I participated in the 3K while Nora ran the Fun Run.

Note that I said "participated" with regards to Owen and I, for a faulty education in the metric system led me to misrepresent the length of the race to him (I thought it was closer to one mile than two) and so, despite Owen's participation in the "Running Club" at school, we ended up walking the majority of the course. Nora, however, enthusiastically ran the whole race (except when she was distracted by rain puddles) and earned a medal for her efforts (Owen was informed that medals were only for the Fun Run, though we managed to obtain one for him anyway...).

It was a pretty good showing by the Fawcett Family, though we're hoping next year to finish before the 4 year old running backwards...

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FYI, Elaine,
The approximation for conversion from metric to English is KM x 0.6 = Miles and from English to metric is Miles / 0.6 = KM