Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Women's Camp

Our college roommate Tracey sent out a notice a few months ago, alerting her fellow former J1 residents (Audra, Cecily, and myself or as Audra refers to us collectively, "the most awesome group on earth") that she was headed to the states (from Thailand) in June in case we wanted to plan a reunion. Since our last one was back in 2010, a flurry of facebook activity soon followed and "Women's Camp" -- derived from a typo in one of our messages that stuck -- was born.

There were complications. Tracey suffered a couple of bouts of strep throat which ultimately resulted in her being hospitalized and having to delay her flight for a few days. Then the first night of camp, Tracey's six year old daughter Satya fell off a slide and broke her arm which meant an overnight hospital stay and a lot of drugs (more so than the doctor intended as Cecily and I decided not to wake Tracey when Satya was complaining of intense pain shortly after I arrived and double dosed her).

Morale was low and exhaustion was high, but it was nothing that some kale & strawberry smoothies and one bedazzled sling (plus a lot of alcohol) couldn't cure. As the sun came out, camp got underway with arts & crafts, a nature hike, cooking, gymnastics, Meijer, and some good-old reminiscing.

We only had a few days together and it's always a little sad when these reunions end, but given we've been doing them fairly regularly for the past 18 years, we shouldn't have to wait too long for the next one...

(I'd like to add a special shout-out to the men that made Women's Camp such a success -- Mike, Colin, Keegan and Kailash. To see all the pics from our reunion, click here.)

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