Tuesday, January 20, 2015



Our plan was to go skiing on MLK day, but apparently so was everyone else's which meant there were no openings in any of the ski schools in the tri-state area.

Skiing with Owen on a crowded ski slope makes me nervous; skiing with Nora on a crowded slope terrifies me. We decided to instead go with Plan B: checking out Daddy's new digs, visiting the American History Museum and dinner at Mom Mom's.

Surprisingly, the kids' favorite part of our agenda was visiting the Clinton Building where Allen's office moved over the summer and which Nora likened to a mansion! There was a lot of fun re-enacting the murals, checking out all the marble and chandeliers and then timing how long it took to climb the spiral staircase (until a devoted EPA employee asked us to keep it down lest she be stuck at work for even longer).

So we headed over to the American History Museum.

It was actually a pretty appropriate way to commemorate Dr. King as we were able to show the kids the Woolworth's lunch counter, Hale Woodruff's murals portraying significant events in the journey of African Americans from slavery to freedom, and civil war artifacts from "The Price of Freedom: American's at War," though if we're being totally honest, Nora preferred the Ruby Slippers and Owen was pretty focused on some gun.

Afterwards, we headed up to Mom Mom's for dinner and a second re-enactment of Nora's favorite mural at Allen's office -- this time in costume (or at least authentic hair-styling)!

(To see all the pics from MLK day, click here.)

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