Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Last Game

A first-person account of the Hill's Kitchen Nationals playoff game, by guest blogger, Owen Fawcett
To start the game off, a fly to me that I bobbled and the runner got to third. That inning they got 4 runs & Nick made it home for our first run of the game.  The next inning they got 6 & we got 1 for a 10-2 score. The next 2 innings were scoreless. In the last inning they scored 1 & we scored 4.  The last run was me. I hit a pop-up to third which he missed and threw it to first but the first baseman was not covering and I got to second.  A sacrifice to get me to third & Michel home. After that, a passed ball to get me running the pitcher got it & threw it to the catcher & I just beat the tag! The half inning before that there was a fly ball to right. Dylan got it, bobbled it, got it to Abe who got it to Kieren for the out! So only 1 run scored but if Kieren had missed the tag it would have been a 2 run home run for them. That game made my season.

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Anonymous said...

Well written, Owen! Sounds like a super game. Grandma Z