Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Principal for the Day

Principal for the Day

Dear Parents,

This is what Nora & I did today because we where principal for a day. We started by doing the announcements that all kids can sit at any table they want during lunch. Another big announcement was that we would hang up the golden bike. We also announced that kids would get 10 extra minutes of recess because we got the golden bike back..

Other things we did today were:
  • we helped Mr. Burst prepare the wall for hanging the golden bike;
  • we checked on all the teachers and classes;
  • we hung the golden bike on the wall in front of the school while Kgn, and 2nd grade students watch;
  • we checked on water day; We decided we need ground rules for next time. 
  • we helped push the wheelchairs of the students in the medical and educational supports classrooms, bringing them inside from recess; 
  • we went to the 3rd grade's publishing party and listened to a few kids stories. 
  • we took a stop by the library and read some books 
  • we went to lunch at H & Pizza and dessert at Rita's At the end of the day we are meeting with the officers of the safety patrol including me (Owen), Patrick and Emma. 
Thanks mom and dad for getting this. It was a really fun experience.

Principal Nora and Principal Owen

Principal for the Day

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Sharon Fawcett said...

What good assistant principals you both were. Would love to know more about the meaning of the golden bike.