Sunday, May 10, 2015

Birthday Luxury


It's always good to start planning early for Elaine's birthday.  With Mom Mom's birthday on the same day, and Mother's day right in the mix too, things can get a bit tricky, but back in the Fall I came up with a plan that I thought just might work.  The only problem was I needed to find a date that would work for us, Mom & Don, Katherine & Lee, and Nancy Danny, wait until just three weeks out from that date, and then somehow beat the 10,000 to 1 odds to land one of the most difficult reservations in town -- the rooftop garden at Rose's Luxury on a Saturday night.  With some careful use of the official atomic time, some quick clicking, and a healthy dose of luck we scored the table. It was a beautiful evening, with perfect weather, amazing food, friends and family coming together to celebrate two wonderful women.  Thank you Elaine, and thank you Mom for all the happiness and joy you bring to our lives, and happy birthday to you both.

(click here for all the pictures)

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